New ExactechGPS Commericialization Model Now in Place

Thank you for being part of the incredible journey to make ExactechGPS® the standard of care! ExactechGPS is now officially converted from a capital sale item to an agency loaned/consigned instrument set. The AST Team is excited to update you on some key initiatives to ensure a successful transition into the new low-friction business model.

Each agency has been allocated ExactechGPS inventory through Loaners based on historical use and interest of existing implant customers to add navigation into their practice. If minimum turn rates are met, units will be consigned. Units can be moved to cover cases throughout the agency. Access to additional ExactechGPS inventory starts with submission of Surgeon Nomination Forms so that the RVPs and the AST BU can evaluate these opportunities and support you in bringing surgeons over to navigation.

We look forward to partnering with you to successfully onboard surgeons to ExactechGPS. We do ask that you plan ahead with us, so we can ensure you have the proper inventory and resources to lead to successful demos, surgeon meetings, demos, in-servicing and first cases.

We are dedicated to continuing to support those surgeons who have already adopted ExactechGPS. We are also committed to upcoming opportunities, helping expand the reach of this unique technology around the country. Click here to learn more details.