Want a Chance to Be Part of This Year’s Men’s College Basketball Championship?

All you have to do is enter our Breaking Ankles EPIC Extremity Sales Promotion

Here’s How to Play:

🏀 Have $15,000 in EPIC Extremity sales growth over previous year to enter
🏀 Increase your sales dollars more than the field

Here’s What You’ll Win :

🏀 Two tickets to next year’s semifinal games in New Orleans on April 2
🏀 Two-night hotel stay ($300 value/night)
🏀 Flights to and from New Orleans from your home airport

The winner will be based on who boxed out the competition to achieve the most dollar growth starting from  today until March 7, 2022 (our “Selection Monday”).
Go start playing and be the all-star we know you are! Contact any member of our Foot & Ankle Team with questions.