Month: October 2019

Exactech Surgeons Present at ICSES 2019

Exactech proved there is true strength in numbers at ICSES 2019, as eight of Exactech’s esteemed surgeons presented 19 publications. The four-day congress, held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, featured an Exactech luncheon with two panel discussions. The luncheon highlighted technological advancements in shoulder arthroplasty and hosted over 100 attendees.
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Navigated Ream and Run Procedure with ExactechGPS

Moby Parsons, MD

The Ream and Run shoulder replacement is a great option for younger patients with shoulder arthritis who have failed conservative treatment yet wish to maintain a high level of activity. Because the weak link in shoulder replacement is the plastic socket implant, avoiding the insertion of this reduces the risk of failure, particularly for patients who intend to subject their shoulder to moderate stress over a long period of time. The Ream and Run resurfaces the ball, removes the bone spurs, releases the contracted tissues and reshapes the worn socket to a smooth and conforming concavity to mate with the ball.

While partial shoulder replacement (hemiarthroplasty) has historically gotten a bad reputation for having inferior results to total shoulder replacement, the results cannot be generalized to all cases. Many glenoids (socket) have substantial wear and erosion from the arthritic process. If such wear is not addressed at the time of hemiathroplasty, patients are at high risk of continued pain and abnormal joint mechanics. The Walch classification shows the different patterns of wear with the B1, B2 and B3 being both common and problematic. In these patterns, the ball shifts to the back of the arthritic socket and results in progressive erosion of the posterior glenoid. Failure to recenter and reshape the head into a single concavity will result in failure of hemiarthroplasty.

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Same Vision, Different Angle with Exactech’s Newest Ankle Implant

The Vantage® Ankle Fixed Bearing Flat Cut Talus implant is the latest addition to our foot and ankle portfolio, following the acquisition of EPIC Extremity.

The Vantage Ankle systems used CT reconstruction studies to design its talus and tibia components.

The Vantage Ankle family offers two solutions to address a broader range of patients. Pictured left is the Vantage Total Ankle System with the curved talus option, and right is the new Vantage Ankle Fixed Bearing Flat Cut Talus.

Samuel Adams, MD, of Duke University

Samuel Adams, MD, of Duke University, kicked off the Vantage® Ankle Fixed Bearing Flat Cut Talus implant launch by performing a surgery in North Carolina.

“It was exciting to use this new product, which helps even more patients receive relief from ankle arthritis,” Adams said. “Its simplified technique made it overall easy to use and contributed to the surgery’s success1.”

The Vantage Ankle Flat Cut Talus is Exactech’s alternative talus option and was designed to address the challenge of talar collapse where preservation of the talar dome is difficult. This new prosthesis reinforces Exactech’s commitment to innovation and helps us reach a broader range of patients.

Vantage Ankle Flat Cut Talus Surgery Samuel Adams, MD, of Duke University

Vantage® Ankle Fixed Bearing Flat Cut Talus with Samuel Adams, MD, of Duke University and Ankle Implant Xray

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...solution that focuses on providing surgeons with options based on anatomic studies and clinical needs1...
Mark Easley, MDDuke University
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Mark Easley, MD, of Duke University

“We are really proud to be a part of this unique solution that focuses on providing surgeons with options based on anatomic studies and clinical needs1,” said design team surgeon Mark Easley, MD, of Duke University. “Our goal was to offer a continuum of care that addresses clinical deformities in a way that best serves our patients.”

The Vantage Ankle Flat Cut Talus was designed in conjunction with James DeOrio, MD, Mark Easley, MD, James Nunley, MD, Victor Valderrabano, MD, PhD, and Constantine Demetracopoulos, MD.

The implant is distributed and available for use in the U.S., while its predecessor, the curved talus, is available in the U.S. and New Zealand. Depending on the needs of the patient, both talus options are intended for use in the Vantage Total Ankle Fixed Bearing System. Learn more about both systems here.

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  1. Data on File at Exactech, Inc.
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Mandatory Compliance Training Due Nov. 2

You should have received earlier this week an email from ExactechU for two mandatory training modules. The modules outline how to stay compliant and handle complaints with a special spotlight on the new Experience Report Form.
Completing these trainings by Nov. 2 is essential to continue your business with Exactech.
Please contact Tara Montiegel with any issues.
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