Month: September 2019

PRP: Should I Be Using It?

Kaveh Sajadi, MD

PRP, platelet-rich plasma, is touted by some to be a revolutionary treatment with the potential to heal or alleviate any number of ailments, from arthritis to tendinopathies to tendon tears or ruptures. The idea is to use the body’s own “healing” system to repair damaged tissue by amplifying it–increasing the concentration of platelets and their accompanying growth factors, which is then injected into the diseased or injured area.

Platelets are typically activated when a blood vessel is damaged. When the platelet is activated to clot, it also releases many growth factors which are contained within the alpha granules in the platelet. The growth factors present include PDGF (platelet-derived growth factor), important in wound healing, VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor), which recruits the body to form new blood vessels, as well as many other signaling factors and cytokines.


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Available Now 2020 Price List

Please review and submit the new price list to your respective hospitals immediately.
Contact Mike Johnson with any questions.
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Alteon® Acetabular Cup System – Line Extensions Now Available!

We are excited to announce the addition of two new products in the Alteon® Acetabular Cup System ensemble: Multi-Hole Cups and 10° Face Changing XLE Liners.

  • The Alteon Cup multi-hole scope includes diameters 40-68mm and feature TAC™ porous technology – a unique 3D structural lattice of irregular shaped particles with increased average pore size and greater porosity than traditional spherical beads.
  • Alteon XLE highly crosslinked vitamin E enhanced acetabular liners are designed to provide low-wear while maintaining mechanical strength, and reducing the free radicals and oxidative degradation. Liners are now available in Neutral, Extended Coverage, +5 Lateralized and Face Changing configurations.

For ordering information, check out the Alteon Acetabular Cup System Ordering Guide here.
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AND as a reminder, you can now utlize the new online Hip Order Form. If you know exactly what you are looking for, simply choose the “Quick Kit Select” pathway. Need a little more guidance on what to order? Walk through the “Select Your Procedure” pathway.

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Either way, these tools were created to help you get what you need, when you need it, in the most efficient way possible! Check out the link here to get started today! Contact your RVP or Hip Commercial Director for product availability!

New Visitation Sites for your Surgeons

Shoulder Visitation Site Spotlight: Howard Routman, DO 

Located in South Florida, Howard Routman, DO, will provide your surgeons with valuable insights on the Equinoxe System and industry. See below Dr. Routman’s accolades and experiences to see if he’s a good fit for your surgeon targets. Please contact Deborah Dukes with any questions or to plan your visit.

  • Design team member for Equinoxe Preserve Stem, Fracture Plate, Platform Fracture Stem and other soon-to-be-released products
  • Extensive experience with ExactechGPS Shoulder Application
  • Past-president of ACESS, president of AOAO and member of ASES
  • ASES fellow and director of the Palm Beach Shoulder Service
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New Visitation Site in South Carolina

John McCrosson, MD, is the newest hip and knee visitation site for your surgeons to experience minimally-invasive direct anterior approach to hip replacement and state-of-the-art knee replacement. Dr. McCrosson earned his medical degree and trained at the Medical University of South Carolina and completed his fellowship in adult reconstruction at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. Please contact Deborah Dukes with any questions or to plan your trip.

Updated Agent Handbook

The 2019 Agent Handbook can now be found on ExactechOne. Updates include pricing policy, ExactechGPS model changes, loaner order fees, audit rights, and compliance policy.

Know the Numbers!

A new JSES article in press concludes that at mean 50-month follow-up, cage glenoids showed significantly lower rates (>4x reduction) of both glenoid and humeral radiolucent lines with low complication rates compared to an all-poly glenoid.
The authors suggest that these results are promising for the hybrid design as an alternative to the “gold standard” cemented all-poly glenoid and are looking at longer-term follow-up to confirm that these outcomes are maintained long-term.
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Half-Size FIT Tibial Augments Now Available!

Augments are now available for the full scope of FIT tibial trays.

The expanded scope includes augments for Size 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 tibial trays. The implants and instruments are available in loaners. The instrument tray complements the existing Truliant primary and revision instruments, and includes augment trials and full tray trials.

Ordering info:

  • OPT-277CC_AUG12 (instruments)
  • OPT-276CC_AUG12 (implants)

If consignment is needed for your agency, please reach out to the Knee Team.

Enhancements to Hip Order Form Are Just A Click Away!

We are excited to announce some BIG changes to the Hip Order Form that are going to streamline the way you process your Loaner and Consignment requests. Our internal teams have been collaborating to bring you an enhanced Hip Order Form that will allow you to customize your ordering experience.

Know exactly what you’re looking for? Simply choose the “Quick Kit Select” pathway. Need a little more guidance on what to order? Walk through the “Select Your Procedure” pathway. Either way, we are creating tools to help you get what you need, when you need it, in the most efficient way possible! In order to access the new form, make sure to first clear your browser history, then click here to get started!